2 May 1999: Ampers’s mission to his messengers clarified

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The responsibility that comes with understanding

A long message explaining Jorun och Chreel’s mission in life  came to Chreel on May 2, 1999:

These words come to you as a great gift. It is given to  you as we know you as  persons who will take responsibility for what they understand and act on it. It is a huge responsibility that must be handled in the right way.

Higher powers are asking you to spread the message to people who can and will listen.
Be therefore very humble and thankful for this gift you are getting. Abuse it not, for it will be taken from you if you do.

Remember that you are the servant of the creator, who has placed confidence in you to convey higher knowledge. You are chosen and we place high demands on you.

We trust you!

We love you!

Never forget that!

The roads have been many and crooked, but now you are on your way home and shall be united with us, which is you and us.

In the present moment is everything that has been and all that will be. If you follow your spirit and the way of your heart,  all will be love and good.

See the trials you feel you have gone through as experience to learn from.

Feel all the love energy that is around you and protects you. Trust that you are never alone.

All your invisible friends are with you. When you let go of the past and not let yourself be stressed by the future, then you are living in the now and can enter into the unknown world.

Then, you will experience a great adventure.

Love is what is, has always been. You have always had it with you even if you abused it many times. But beyond, beyond was love in your adventurous world.

You have been like a will o’ the wisp over the whole universe throughout your time. You‘ve been gliding along the road of love, searching for new means to express perfection.

Now you can finally manifest it in your illusion and in your reality with us, your true identify. That which is you and we as one.

Do not wait, let souls express their knowledge. Give everything you can to each other and people as often has been said. One day you will understand. When you write it down, it will become clear.

Time after time, all that is within you and your higher self has spoken to you. It all fell into place and has been completed for ages.

We walk together side by side and give energy to all that is needed. You are wonderful, since ancient times have you been designated to do that which you are now facing. This you know so well, so take the plunge now.

Jorun and Chreel, you are our messengers, to help the Earth and the people to a better future.

Yes, the well-being of whole universe rests on your shoulders. Sometimes it feels heavy, that’s why you linger. But you also know that it must be done. We love you and stand by your side all the time. Know this.

Humans search for the meaning of life and why we are alive. The meaning is to search inside to find the right path. Human beings  want it immediately. To understand everything and become clear. They do not understand that everything should be done in stages. With each step being completed it will feel like a part of you dies.

A piece of the new human emerges. Once the new human eventually understands, it will be easier for them to move on. It is not easy to walk this path. The road is straight, but there are countless crossroads, it’s not easy to stand at the intersections, to see and understand.

Every person chooses for themselves!

This is our free will.

You are a stellar soul alongside another soul, with strands of silver woven into each other. Everything in the universe goes through these souls as one.

Time flow goes like a high musical tone through age after age. Everything is gathered together into an aura of love, light and flow.

Nothing can break this silver thread that has existed from the first breath, and exists forever.

As the creator said tonight, he has glimpsed a piece of himself and will soon see himself in all its divinity when he knows that everything is just love. This was the intention from the beginning.

All we want is for everyone on earth to awaken. Throw away the blinders that have been on everyone for era after era.

Look around you, discover what’s around you. You are not alone, I belong to all things and everyone, am one with the whole.

At last, the scales have fallen from your eyes, finally you see what you have not seen in life after life.

How many incarnations have gone before this was revealed? How much have you suffered? Suffered unnecessarily for these blinders’ sake.

Now, take the step to your own perfection. Throw away all fear and feel free, free from the shackles that never really existed, only put there by your own fears.

Let that feeling percolate throughout your whole body and mind.

Be happy! Be free!

You live among the people and will do so for a good while. Sometimes you will be fully protected. But you must bear in mind that to speak is silver, whilst silence is golden. There is a road between the silver and the gold, and there  another day and opportunity  always comes.

Your task is to help people to realize they are more than human.

Lift them above their human selves. To be seer is not easy, be careful with prophecies.

You yourselves know best what you should and should not do. The higher speaks to the higher in you, listen carefully so you do the right thing.

To communicate and get our fellow human beings to understand the meaning of love will not be easy. That love is unconditional, with no obligation. It never requires calculations, no expectations of “give me this, I give you the same in return.” That will turn love into but a memory.

Love for everything is extremely difficult because most people are stuck in their mind.

You have been given the ultimate gift in this incarnation. You have opened yourselves for the very essence of love, through much effort to take control over your outer self. There are not many who can cope with this. But with great care and humility you will bring many more people to see what they can accomplish by changing their thoughts and what that power together with longing can do for their soul.

Good luck! The universe is with you.

Be where you are and everything will be fine. What looks difficult will resolve itself. We are with you all the time. Start writing and many things will come. You live in a world next to ours which is also yours. Know that we are with you.

It is difficult to get through.

Footnote: it was  Chreel who recorded these encounters. She has since passed away. We cannot be sure the message came from Amper. It is, though, most likely that this is the case.

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 “In the present moment is everything that has been and all that will be.”

“You have been like a will o’ the wisp over the whole universe throughout your time.”



“The meaning is to search inside to find the right path.”

“All we want is for everyone on earth to awaken.”

 “Your task is to help people to realize they are more than human.”

“Now, take the step to your own perfection.”

“You have been given the ultimate gift in this incarnation.”