11 March 2001. Dreaming of cosmic events


Volcanic clouds from cosmic collision

Something collides with the earth in a dream. Clouds from the collision block the sun.  Insights come in the form of dreams.

I first saw  a few  flames, sharp and clear. Then giant clouds appeared, so thick that the sun could not break through them.

The clouds were dark, the colour of volcanic lava. It seemed like something had collided with the earth, sending clouds of dust into the atmosphere. These images were vivid.

—-ooO   Ooo—-


In another dream I was up on the second floor of a house. I was a construction supervisor, working on building plans.

I had completed all I had to do with the exception of one thing. I knew what I wanted was in the drawings and I was poring over the plans, looking for it.

Some kind of manager came over. He had been told that I was quitting the job. He thought it was a shame because when I resigned, he would have to do the same, and he had borrowed money. How it would things work out for him now? I told him that it was his responsibility. I was taking care of myself and he should take care of himself.

Someone gave the opinion that I could have waited a little longer before making my resignation public. I told this manager too, that everything was now all paid up. The little that was left I would get done within a fortnight. I continued looking at the drawings.

As we were talking, a small dark girl came by, I thought I recognized her. This boss attacked her viciously, knocking her down and hitting her.

I was livid with anger when I saw this. I rushed up to him and held him by the throat and said: “do this ever again and I will kill you.” I was extremely angry, I did not know I could be that furious.

I had fallen asleep instead of doing what I had planned to do out there among the galaxies, that is why I was dreaming of looking through the drawings. It was the manager I would be free of when all was paid.


—-ooO   Ooo—-


The was this man, a peculiar type who lived alone in the woods. People who lived some distance away from him wondered what was wrong with him. He had galls growing on him, similar to those that grow on tree trunks. Perhaps he could make bowls of them. There was also something about fire coming from the man’s hands. He was otherwise very intense in his being.


—-ooO   Ooo—-

There was a woman who sewed garments. She would always sew twelve identical garments. She was very keen on there being twelve.

—-ooO   Ooo—-


I saw something like a hood of a kitchen fan attached to the ceiling. The fan had a very special light in it. I used it at certain set times during the day. It had crystal-like threads in it.

I had a problem with not being able to have the lamp on all the time.

Then, a man came up to me and showed me another lamp. Using this I could gather up what was going to the lamp via the crystal threads. Then I could continue my work now that I had understood how to, after this infinitely long time.

—-ooO   Ooo—-


There were three of us, men, we were on our way into a house or it might have been a cave. I was walking beside one of the others. Behind us was the third man, who had an extremely high rank.

I did not know which title to use to address him. There cannot be a title for such a high ranking person.

I hardly dared to talk to him, but I know that we were talking about something.

The man who was next to me said that he had not has any customers today. “I have not had a single all day.” He worked as some sort of guide.

We came into a tunnel – not just any tunnel- it was seventy kilometers long, so it took awhile to get through it.

I as said, the man walking by me was a little sad that no customers have shown up during the day. I comforted him. I held his shoulders and told him things will get better. The man  walking behind us was protecting us from behind.


—-ooO   Ooo—-


I looked down over a pond, it was maybe four or five meters square, the water was calm. Around this pond – or spring – were rows and rows of people. Behind then other groups of people had gathered. They were all excited over something with the water.


—-ooO   Ooo—-


I was in a large hall, someone was throwing  a party. Maybe it was someone’s birthday, it might have even been my own . They were showing a video of me from when I was a child. I was ashamed of the way I sounded when my voice came on and I did not like the photos of myself. In any case, the party was in full swing and with a  huge gala show.

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“The clouds were dark, the colour of volcanic lava. It seemed like something had collided with the earth.”









“I did not know which title to use to address him. There cannot be a title for such a high ranking person.”












” The man  walking behind us was protecting us from behind.”