9 December 2001: Rebirthing


Free fall to a new birth

Göran passes through a narrow opening to be reborn.


—— ooOO – OOoo ——


I held the highest post in the entire universe. An incredible office. I was so respected that no fable can match how it was.


—— ooOO – OOoo ——


I was travelling by car somewhere, I thought it was India. Someone asked what the car cost. I answered a thousand, a thousand billion. When I walked away from my car it became something I wore. I had it with me wherever I went.

I was to appoint someone as my successor. A woman then said that man – she meant me – was not to be trusted. I abused alcohol and I manipulated. I do not know the outcome of this.

Then the picture changed.

I was very high up. I saw the earth far below. I was about to go down. But to get down, you had to crawl through a narrow vertical opening to later throw yourself straight into the air.

A woman was with me. She crawled through the hole and fell free. I myself was a little pensive. I plucked up courage and followed. I think that this last experience was that of a new birth.

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I held the highest post in the entire universe.