9 september 2002: Into the light and back


Chreel goes into the light and returns – for now

I showed Chreel the way through the tunnel towards the light. This is the tunnel where I do my rounds  morning and evening,  helping people to the other side.  She did not want to come back with me. Does that mean she will leave her body soon?


—– ooOO – OOoo —–


Does this ever end? No, it does not. Sometimes I have dreamt of a mighty man,  a man who no one has ever known of, and no one knows about.


—– ooOO – OOoo —–


Last night I gave Chreel healing for her bad legs, she has eczema everywhere. It lasted about twenty minutes. At the end, I showed her my tunnel, and took her to the end of it. We stayed there for a while and then went out just a few meters into the light.

I wanted to show her how it looked and especially how it felt. At first she did not want to come with me, but eventually she agreed to join me.

However there were problems getting her back. She wanted to stay and continue into the light. I grabbed her and brought her back into the tunnel.

Yes, perhaps it was not so weird or strange to me. I am there often, several times morning and evening. I accompany those who want to go out there.

The strange thing was that today at breakfast Chreel told me that she got the idea during the healing session that she would leave her body. Literally, she said: “Am I going to die now?”

But she isnít. I followed her in my thoughts; she walked by my side and went a bit into the light, and then returned.

She did not know that I was with her. Only I knew this.

I’m starting to understand my walking rounds and even my dreams of life and what we call death. I am beginning to understand that which was decided a thousand years ago.

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“I’m starting to understand my walking rounds and even my dreams of life and what we call death.”