17 January 2003: No universe beyond this one


I went further but there is nothing more

I realize  that I  have done all that can be done and understood everything that can be understood so far.


—– ooOO – OOoo —–


When I went with those who had left, I saw them born as well as those who left long ago. I saw it in a vision that came suddenly.

Our white tables on the terrace were full of glasses, cups and plates. You could see from the scraps left on the plate that everything had been consumed. It seems there is nothing more than this universe.

Last night I went even further, but my dreams show me there is nothing deeper, or farther away.

The table showed that I have done everything that can be done, I have consumed everything and understood. That is the case just now anyway.

This was what I knew on the 17 January 2003.

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“It seems there is nothing more than this universe.”