12 October 2003: The meaning of the hives


A man becomes one with his house

I see that I did not get so far last time I was here. This is the time. I am alone in this task.


––––– ooOO – OOoo –––––


I meditated for a while last night. Beehives appeared, between five and ten of them. They were green in color and it looked like that they had been left out there for many, many years. I saw no bees around them; they were all in the hives.

Yes, the hives are open. Now that I understand how it all fits together I see that there is only one choice. I understand that the last time I was here on Earth I didn’t get so far. I stood in the ravine and cried, I thought everything was over. And that was how it was.

The choices I made were based on what I understood then and it turned out the way it did.

But we will be back there again, all the happier. It is tough for those who return to their former home, but they will be happy again. It is now just to bide their time, waiting and waiting.


––––– ooOO – OOoo –––––


I was at a lumberyard on the second floor where the a few special items were kept. There was a man who looked after the floor there.

I was going to pick a bit of paneling that was put aside for me, a very large length.

This man was in a great hurry, I felt that he wanted me to get my paneling as soon as possible.

It’s probably about those who left a long, long time ago. I have gone with them only in the evenings, not in the mornings. It is not enough with just the evenings, there are probably so many that it is necessary to go both morning and evening.


––––– ooOO – OOoo –––––


I was in my bedroom, making my bed. A man, maybe myself, was also in the room. I put the quilt and pillows on the bed where they should be at the head end and was about to lay the bedspread on top. But then the other man took the blanket and laid it on top of the quilt.

I responded by telling him that the blanket must be folded on top of the bedspread. He did so, he put it where it usually is.

We stood at the head end. We tried to get a cage or box into the bed on something that looked like rails. It was difficult but we managed it in the end.

I understand exactly what this means. I did not understand before, neither did I understand how to do it. I do now.


––––– ooOO – OOoo –––––


Amper speaks with Goran / Jorun: Yes, here we are again, it’s a long time since last time. Much has happened to you in the meantime.

Everything you understand, you have always understood. It appears, now that you have worked with it, that it is with you all the time. I know you understand this, but you also know that no one else has this task. Only one single person recognizes you, take care of this.

You know what the hives mean. You can decide this yourself. The rod is there too.

You can do this in two ways. The choice is yours. I know what you choose, life.

But you did not choose life last time, where you were before. But you saw this already back then .

I understand you fully. Do now what has been decided and everything will be fine in the end.

But  actually, you, do understand that even this is just a moment.

There was only one moment which lasted the whole time.

I love you as you love me.


––––– ooOO – OOoo –––––


Chreel told me today about a vision she had. She saw a big field covered with gravel. There were no plants, grasses or trees at all, only gravel.

She saw a little house, a barn, or if it was a hut, a most humble abode. Outside it stood a little boy, maybe four or five years old. He started running towards Chreel.

Chreel did not see herself, she was observing the whole scene.

When the boy got halfway he stopped and looked happy, harmonious.

Then he turned, Chreel could only see his back, and he ran back to where he came from. As he ran back he became bigger and bigger and when he got back to his house he was a grown man. Then, somehow he merged together with that small house, merged into the same thing he came from.

Everything in Chreels image or vision was pink: the gravel, the clothes the boy was wearing, house, well, everything she saw was the same color.

I think that Chreel saw a man who was living and who had found his way back to his origins. First a naive child for some time, and thereafter he sought back to where he came from. On finding his true origin he was able to merged with himself.


––––– ooOO – OOoo –––––


A woman and I were somewhere on an excursion, on a trip. We began the journey back to our homes.

I noticed that the woman ran with the speed of wind, even faster than the wind, to our destination. I myself was laboring to make progress. There were sheer rock walls, numerous ravines and all sorts of obstacles in my way.

But I saw and knew always how to overcome these obstacles and problems. I sometimes went around them and sometimes I picked myself up in other ways. I knew with strong confidence that I could do what I was meant to do.

At the end of the dream the woman had arrived home much, much faster than I did.


––––– ooOO – OOoo –––––


This morning during my rounds I saw a very large tree stump. The soil had been removed around it to reveal its strong roots. It seemed as if showed that a solid basis for things to come had been laid. That kind of stump you cannot remove in a hurry. The surface was yellow, it looked like gold. The top surface can not be described. It was as if it was alive and a large tree might grow there in the future.


––––– ooOO – OOoo –––––


Two adults and two children, a girl and a boy, lived far away, in a remote place. It was light years to the nearest inhabited place.

I think that the man was not so kind to his boy, maybe he even beat him.

They had a boat, and one day they took a ride to a settlement. They were there for a time, went to go back home, but the boat was gone.

I do not know how it happened, but I think they somehow made it home again. It may be that they became so inward-looking in their being in this place that they almost forgot who they really were. Yes, two of them had not forgotten, but for the other two it was harder.

It may be so, I am not at all sure.


––––– ooOO – OOoo –––––


I got to bed very late, had a terrible headache. I did not know what to do. I completed my task that day anyway but it was difficult. I couldn’t organize my thoughts in my head. I put my hands hard on my head to try to ease the pain.

I was so out of my body, think I left it because I could not be there.

I felt that I was inside my own brain. I saw a very thin layer surrounding the brain, so thin that the finest microscope could not see it.

Then came thin threads, glowing and golden. I do not know what this was all about but it felt like I was out there in dizzy depths.

This I have described, I do not even know if I’ve really experienced it, so abstract and difficult to understand it is.

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“Now that I understand how it all fits together and that there is only one choice.”








Do now what has been decided and everything will be fine in the end.”  








But really, do you understand that even this is just a moment?.”  








There was only one moment which lasted the whole time.”








“As he ran back he became bigger and bigger and when he got back to his house he was a grown man.”  








“He found his true origin and the goal was to merge with himself.”  








“I was so out of my body, think I left it because I could not be there.”








“This I have described, I do not even know if I’ve really experienced it, so abstract and difficult to understand it is.”