7 January 2004: Time ends and begins


Freeing those imprisoned

I see people trapped in factories, others given rest between assignments. I see the masses hungry. I see time as something that simultaneously, continuously starts and finishes.


––––– ooOO – OOoo –––––


Chreel and I were sitting at an outside restaurant on the corner of a square. We were having a nice time and decided to order something more. We spoke with the woman who was serving us. Eventually, she came with the bill. I thought that it would probably be expensive, would I have enough money?

The bill came and it was in 599 Euro. I was looking in my wallet but did not say anything until Chreel said: “I’ll take it on my credit card.”


––––– ooOO – OOoo –––––


I was with another man; we were out driving in my car. We stopped by the road. I remember that I pulled the handbrake on.

I met another man; I do not recall what he looked like. He wanted me to take a job with him as a kind of boss. He took me to a factory he owned where many people worked with all sorts of things. But these beings were like robots. Their eyes were empty and their movements were in slow motion.

I wonder if this owner held them captive there for his own amusement – these apathetic and listless beings, without hope for the future.

He was on my case all the time, he definitely wanted me to start working for him, but I felt strongly there was some sort of deception that lay hidden in this arrangement. I just wanted to get out of there.

Someone spoke and told me that my car had slowly started to move. I went back to my car together with the man who was with me so that we could get away from there.

I probably know well enough what place this was. I will try to help them get out of there. They were prisoners. Indeed, I do this every night and morning, but I’ll do it with greater intensity.

I saw later, in the morning, a wonderful white swan out on the water.


––––– ooOO – OOoo –––––


I was with a man who had formerly been my top manager. He told me that somehow there were two companies in a company. One company was a place far, far away where people could rehabilitate themselves and rest up. It was a very, very good place.

When you’ve been there for a while it was time to return and start a new construction again.  This was the second company. And when the construction was complete, you were ready to rest again. So it went on, all the time.


––––– ooOO – OOoo –––––


I dreamt this morning of veteran cars. One by one, they burned up, but when one had burned there was already a new one in its place. So it went on continuously.

This could well be about the planets that died a long time ago.

Somehow, it felt like my life was like this, or had been so. I’m not in any way sure; it could be something else entirely.

I even saw a locomotive pulling an endless line of wagons, rushing forward as fast as the speed of thought.


––––– ooOO – OOoo –––––


There was going to be an auction of meat. It seemed like there was a great shortage of food. Some thought the starters had arrived, and rushed there. They were like a mob, completely wild. This happened several times. I have also thought that there was water everywhere, everywhere.


––––– ooOO – OOoo –––––


I was walking along a dirt road. Two women were in the picture. One had pure white clothes and the other was dressed in pitch black.

The white-clad woman disappeared in some way and the pitch-black stood in the middle of the road as if she were watching out for someone to come. I know that I met her where she stood.

It seemed like she wanted to get hold of me, but I do not think it would do her any good. I recognized the woman in white; the one in black was probably someone who has not given up yet.

I had a thought that she, or her real self, had finally understood but it did not look that way.

Along the way, besides where I was walking was a river. It had banks with high edges holding clear water flowing slowly. A wave appeared in the water, like when a big fish swims away.


––––– ooOO – OOoo –––––


I was looking for something, I do not know what it was, it was hard to find. I got a ladder and went up it. I saw, on the top of some shelves what I was looking for. It looked like three pink triangle-shaped cloths. I even knew that many people throughout the ages have tried to find these three, but never succeeded. I became very happy; a wonderful feeling flowed through me.

Everything became so amazingly easy. From then on my thoughts met no obstructions.


––––– ooOO – OOoo –––––


I went into a room that was like a hospital ward. In the room was a wide bed with a newborn boy lying in it. Though he was born, he could talk and had everything. I took care of him and really loved him. I then hid the boy under the blanket so no one would see him. I hid myself in an alcove nearby. It was not that I was afraid of anything; I just did not want to show me and the boy.

While this took place, three men came walking down the hall toward the room where we were: three elderly men, each with a bouquet of flowers in their hands. The flowers were covered with brown paper, and not visible. I believe that the newborn was going to get these flowers as a tribute. It was very nice.


––––– ooOO – OOoo –––––


I was a participant somewhere in a big show, that was my life on Earth, I guess.

Then the picture changed. I tried to help many people escape from a life that was very difficult, almost unbearable, and totally useless. The escape route took them over rivers, large waters and long distances. It felt that this frequency was not the one that I myself lived in. At the same time, the escape and transport were very dangerous.

I think this takes place every night, just before sleep comes, after waking up in the morning and even during sleep.

I also received something this morning. A female voice said the following to me before I had woken up properly:

“Your journey will be for fifty-nine years.”


––––– ooOO – OOoo –––––


A man came driving in a small car down the street. He was going to some sort of event.

I saw so many people outside a townhouse. Some of them had dark clothes. It looked like a meeting where something important was to happen, the mood was somber.

The next picture was outdoors. A man was there, and on the ground lay a red, small oval ball.

This man had a stick in his hands. He was just standing in readiness to hit to the red ball. A bit beyond where presumably the ball should land was nothing. It was quite empty there. It was a form of eternity.


––––– ooOO – OOoo –––––


I was in a house on the ground floor, a woman was with me. Some sort of training course or information meeting was going on, there were about twenty people in the audience. They all went up to the next floor.

They seemed to have something to discuss, without me. I think it was about me.
I lost my shoes, white sneakers with high laces. I walked in my socks, there was water on the floor which squelched when I walked in it.

Right next door was a closed area. They were cleaning and tidying as if someone would come to visit or move in there. This section was completely closed to outsiders.

It felt as if those who were there certainly did not want to have to do with what was outside. I was probably the only one allowed to enter.

A woman was with me and I asked her if she had seen my shoes. We looked for a moment, then went together into the closed ward. The woman then said “here are the shoes” but I did not get them, I did not even see them.

They came down from upstairs. They had apparently come to a decision.

I thought I saw them sitting at the front of the room. Perhaps they were going to hand out a diploma or an academic degree.

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“I probably know well enough what place this was. I will try to help them get out of there. They were prisoners.”  












“I saw later, in the morning, a wonderful white swan out on the water.”  












This could well be about the planets that died a long time ago.”













“It seemed like there was a great shortage of food.”  


















“Everything became so amazingly easy. From then on my thoughts met no obstructions.”  

















I tried to help many people escape from a life that was very difficult, almost unbearable, and totally useless.”