17 April 2006: I caused the big bang


Shown the way to what we are looking for

I release the energy trapped in a sphere, a woman comes out of a man’s body. A new era is coming. A party is being laid on for us. We are going somewhere new, and we will be guided there, we just need to follow.

––––– ooOO – OOoo –––––


I saw a giant ray this morning. it was made up of white points of light, like stars. The ray came towards me, went into me and then went back. It was like eternity itself. Afterwards I knew that I could enter this ray both forwards and backwards. It is seldom anyone gets to experience something like that. 


––––– ooOO – OOoo –––––


I do not know I dreamt this or if I saw it another way or just got to understand it. I saw a huge sphere, what it was made of I do not know. It was all black. I do not know how big it was either; it felt like there was a huge force inside this sphere. There was a thick strip of something all around it.

The strip was fastened onto the ball with a large bolt, which went through the ball and tightened on the other side with a giant nut. I tried to loosen the nut with a wrench; gradually it began to turn. I only got to see it half way off.

Yes, so what was it? It felt like it was a black hole, or seconds before the big bang.

It seems as if it was me who unleashed this incredible energy.


––––– ooOO – OOoo –––––


I was in a big building where things were being made or repaired. I went over to a large room by the entrance. A tall, elderly man was sick and someone wanted me to help him.

I said to him:  “Take my hands, I will try to help you.”

I took his hands in mine and closed my eyes. Suddenly it was as if a woman came out of his body. I was amazed at this. I felt somehow I knew this woman from a long time back and liked her very much. We stood there in the middle of the floor close to each other; I did not want to let her go.

I noticed that I started to wake up but did not want to. The woman began to fade; I recaptured my sleep and the image of her brightened again. A large road sweeping machine was going around us all the time. It was as if it was removing all traces of us so we would not remember the dream.

I think I know who the sick man was; I believe I know who the woman was. I understand this because the woman came out of the man’s body and from the way the man looked.


––––– ooOO – OOoo –––––


Someone had bought a house or apartment for me, or Iíd bought it myself. It was a nice house with a roughly-hewn stone facade. Beside my house was an apartment building, maybe ten stories high with the same stone facade. It looked Roman, very special.

A man was constantly by my side. He had arranged a housewarming party and he had invited many to come. Many guests did arrive, but they could not go inside straight away. A wall or another kind of barrier was in the way. This man and I took hold of each other’s hands, the visitors leaned back onto our hands and with a joint effort we lifted them over the barrier.

There were five rooms in this house. Walking around, I discovered a door to a special room. No one had ever opened this door. I went in, there was something in there but I cannot remember what.

It was, as I said, a housewarming party. Later in the evening the guests were down at the beach, beside the ocean or some large body of water. They sat on the beach, enjoying the wonderful evening. I said to the man, “I will reimburse you for all you spent for food, drinks and other things.” He just smiled at me and said it will sort itself out.

It was a wonderful dream.

The special room is telling me a new era or something new is coming.


––––– ooOO – OOoo –––––


I saw a giant flat surface from above. There were countless pillars on it, and  each pillar emitted a bright light. A brighter light than that could not exist. I am grateful for this. I never thought I’d get so far. As I said earlier, it certainly never ends.


––––– ooOO – OOoo –––––


I visited a man and a woman. I knew the man very well, we liked each other. He had bought a new car and had just gone to pick it up. He arrived back with the car. I said to him; “Now I can take it and leave this place.”

His old car was still there, too. I do not know what happened to it.

I seem to recall that there was a bus outside as well. It was in poor condition and well-used. The steps on the bus were worn as if millions of people had been transported by it. It felt like it was standing there just waiting for the next load of passengers.

I think I understand what the bus symbolized. It was worn after prolonged service. Yes, that’s probably it.


––––– ooOO – OOoo –––––


I was in a huge house. I was walking out with masses of people. Even my father was with us. We were all leaving to go to a festival, which probably symbolized Earth. We decided that we would meet back up when one of us wanted to go home.

Time passed and I went back to meet my father. It was just that this time there were not nearly as many people as there were before. There was only one here and one there that went in.

I thought it would be hard to find my father there. I went up a long flight of stairs and was surprised when I found him in a room. Several other men were with him, men I have once known in my life. My father was happy when he saw who came; he was perhaps even a little surprised.


––––– ooOO – OOoo –––––


I was with some other people. There was a covered truck on the scene.
Someone told me where it was parked. I went over to where it was standing and heard that the engine was running. It was just to get in and drive off. A woman arrived and climbed into the truck, too.

I drove off and came to a sort of base for me, I do not know how. A man, who as I understand it was something special, was there. Another man was at the scene.
I was then to continue to drive somewhere. I told them that I have tried so many times to go along these routes but never arrived. All the time I have tried to find new ways, but without success.

The special man said to me: “I’ll drive ahead of you and you can follow in your truck.”

He had an open-top car in which he and the other man got into. Before we set off, I saw two large piles of authentic carpets. At the top of each pile was a very special mat, in shimmering red and yellow. It was as if these rugs were a bit above the others. It felt somehow like they were alive.

The woman who was with me took the two leftover rugs. She said that these two can be good to have in the future when everything is over. So we left, with the convertible driving in front and us following in our truck.

I hope this story is to be continued, it feels like it is.


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“It felt like it was a black hole, or seconds before the big bang.”  








“It seems as if it was me who unleashed this incredible energy.”  










“Suddenly it was as if a woman came out of his body.”  










“The special room is telling me a new era or something new is coming.”











“The steps on the bus were worn as if millions of people had been transported by it.”