9 August 2008: Given everything we need


Humanity could have had everything; instead it left the gifts unopened

I understand how the nine fiddlers will bring everything to an end, which is the start of a new beginning. It didn’t have to be this way.


—— ooOO – OOoo ——


Amper speaks to me, Göran / Jorun (Ampers words are italicized): Yes, my friend. Everything is now coming to an end. This end is the beginning of the new, the new that is coming. You carried out your duties in the best way; it could not have been done better.

What you have achieved is actually impossible. You weave everywhere, throughout ages, frequencies and phases. It’s only you who can do such a thing. No one else can understand this, hardly you yourself.

Welcome to the unknown and the new. Everything will turn out well. I love you.


—— ooOO – OOoo ——


I sat in a large ballroom; there were many people around me. A woman asked how I was. I replied that the last ten years had been quite different from my previous life. I thought I understand now how it relates together.

The woman was very beautiful; she had a long dress on, something in red. We held hands, even sat cheek to cheek. There was no sex involved.

Then a man came and invited this woman to dance. She went with him, and then came back. But the seat next to me was taken by another. She sat on an empty seat further away in the ballroom.

I saw how there was a curtain between us.

It could not be clearer.


—— ooOO – OOoo ——


I watched two birds fighting for all their worth. They were as big as humans.
They did not know how much they wanted to hurt each other. But then they calmed down and eventually they became so friendly that they hugged each other. I felt that this development had taken a very long time. During the fight, their feathers became fewer and fewer and at the end they looked like humans.


—— ooOO – OOoo ——


Chreel and I sat in the kitchen. A woman and a boy were the window. The woman knocked on the window to draw attention to herself. Then, she opened the window from the outside, completely impossible in normal cases. They then went to the door and even came in without us unlocking the door.

The woman sat down next to Chreel. They communicated in some way. Chreel told me that the woman harbored great respect for me, she liked me. This she really emphasized.

The boy was inside my room. He was picking things up into a plastic bag that he would take with them. Personally, I had nothing against it.

Who the woman was, I have no doubt whatsoever. Of course it was Chreelís other self. I think the boy was Nanthes, he somehow returned to this frequency. It feels that way after this dream. I know I knew both the woman and the boy very, very well. I guess we’ll see how this all develops.


—— ooOO – OOoo ——


I was on a train; the train was not on rails, but in the air. Women in white clothes were keeping order there. I sat down at a table, about to eat something. The chair was hard so I went to get a cushion to sit on. There were several sofas and armchairs with cushions. When I looked closer, the cushions were only like cushion covers, woven in different colors.

These covers were empty. They were like empty shells. It was as if the body was not included.

It was not difficult for me to understand what form of train I found myself in.


—— ooOO – OOoo ——


I was staying in an apartment a few floors up. A woman and I had one section of the apartment each. We slept in separate rooms.

I discovered a door I had never seen before. I went through it into a large furnished room. It was very tastefully decorated and the atmosphere in there that was not of this world.

I went down the stairs. At the bottom of the front door were two sacks, one larger than the other. The first was closed, and so was the second one at this time.

I went out for a while. When I went back home there were smaller sacks, both closed, outside each apartment. When I came through the front door I discovered that the larger sack was open and in it were lots of finely-wrapped packages that looked like Christmas presents.

It feels like these were just for the taking. If everyone opened their sacks, it would probably be a much more peaceful planet to live on. Then, the nine fiddlers would not have needed to come. Now it is as it is and in a way, the end result will still be good. But this terrible thing could have been avoided if people had opened their sacks, because after all, the things in them are things that people really need.


—— ooOO – OOoo ——


Chreel and I found ourselves in an apartment. Four men came in, one was very tall, the others were normal height. They had just come from Germany and Holland. I got something, from them, I cannot recall what.

Chreel went to the toilet. I knew I could ask these men anything; they had the answer to everything. I asked about the fiddlers and I asked if there would be a woman in my life in future. No. Women were obviously not going to be a part of my life. The men then said, “Now it’s up to you what happens in the future.”

I was going to offer them coffee. We had no bread but suddenly there was a sponge cake on the table.

Chreel came back with white cream on her face. When she came out from the toilet, she had to go down two steps to get to us. Large, luminous amber rocks sat on the steps and Chreel had to step over them.

I told her that we were going to have coffee. “We have no bread,” said Chreel. I replied that we had been given some cake, the men had conjured it. “You are making up fairy stories,” she said. “Come and see for yourself,” I replied. On the table there were plenty of good things to eat. Chreel was perplexed. “You see I’m right now?” I asked.

The men went to leave. I hugged the tall one, but I reached only to his chest. I asked if they could come back another time and they said that they would do so many times.


—— ooOO – OOoo ——


I had known a man for about a week. I was going to sell ten kilograms stamps for him. I came into a store. The owner was an authoritative elderly gentleman, a woman was there too. She asked if I knew the man I was an agent for. I replied that I had known him for some time and had looked him out by asking people who knew him. He came with a good recommendation. “This is just one kilogram of stamps, not ten,” said the woman. She took them and began to write a receipt for this one kilogram of stamps.

This may have to do with how many who will be left after the disaster.


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“You weave everywhere, throughout ages, frequencies and phases.”  








“Then, she opened the window from the outside, completely impossible in normal cases.”  







“It was not difficult for me to understand what form of train I found myself in”  









“If everyone opened their sacks, it would probably be a much more peaceful planet to live on.”  









“This may have to do with how many who will be left after the disaster.”