14 April 2010: Naked


Disrobed and scalped, I dream I am dreaming

I dream I dream and get scalped by a doctor with a razor-sharp knife. I stand naked in front of a council of wise men and women who are about to make an important decision. And I find out my rounds last night didn’t work properly.


ooOO – OOoo —–


I dreamt this morning that the doorbell rang. I opened it and there stood an older man. He handed me something wrapped in a piece of clothing, I did not see what this something was.  I seemed to recall when I woke that is was a small child. I am by no means sure of this.

I was out on a hike and came to a large river, I thought to wade across it. I went out into the river, it was shallow. Suddenly it dropped down deeper and I was up to my chest. I went back without crossing the river and continued my walk.

I saw a farm from high. When I came down to it I heard a dreadful noise from inside the barn. There were animals in there that had probably not received food and water for a long time. It was not a pleasant sound. I did not see a living soul the whole time.


—– ooOO – OOoo —–


I was on my way to a holiday place far, far from home. I drove into something that looked like it was made of dotted lines in the outline of a human being. It was probably the other part of me that was on its way.

I arrived at this place of rest and recreation. There were many dark-skinned children in there. I spoke with a very bright young doctor. It was something about how I’d take back a man that I had had with me and also by their own efforts managed to get there, together with me.

I asked the doctor if that person could stay there, but that was not possible.

I went to return, but had trouble transporting this person. I started to leave when the doctor called me. He said it was fine to leave this person who was with me. I thought myself that this was in line with what I wanted.

It was certainly a soul that this dream was about.


—– ooOO – OOoo —–


I got a vision this morning. I was standing in front of a sort of curtain. It was like the curtain that broke in the temple when Jesus died.  It was cut right through and split into two equal halves. I could see that something  was hidden behind it. I did not know what it was that was there.


—– ooOO – OOoo —–


I dreamed that I woke up and in the garden outside a woman was weeding the flower beds.  I thought I recognized her. Even Chreel was in here. The woman came in and showered me with hugs and kisses.

I myself stood perfectly still and said to Chreel that this is a dream, absolutely nothing real.

It seemed as if the woman had not seen me in a long time, she did not know how much she wanted me.


—– ooOO – OOoo —–


A very special dream. I dreamed that I was dreaming. It was thus a dream in a dream.

A theater company was next to me. I sat in a chair and suddenly I could not open my eyes.

The director came up to me. He had a razor-sharp knife in his hand, and with it he cut me around my head just below the hairline. I said to myself, now he’s just going to rip off my scalp, now I have been scalped.

Beside me sat an older woman. She was totally euphoric, she was beside herself of joy.

She said: “You have white bandages around your head, you’ve been born again.”

She was almost in ecstasy and gave me wonderful hugs.

The man who scalped me said, “Have I not seen you before?” I could now open my eyes and said to him: “You will be seeing more of me in the future.”

The man had a pure white suit or coat. He was both a physician and director. He left and walked up a small flight of stairs.


—– ooOO – OOoo —–


Chreel had a dream, she told me about it at breakfast.  A close friend of hers sat in a bathroom with only a toilet in it. This person was completely heartbroken, did not know where to turn.

I called on this person when I started my rounds last night. I was totally sure that the person followed me. I felt a rushing feeling in my legs.  My whole body showed that it was right.

Never have I felt such a sensation during earlier rounds.


—– ooOO – OOoo —–


I was totally naked and went into a large hall, carrying something that could not be seen. It was like a large package, it weighed nothing and as I said, it was invisible.

I was outside again in a cemetery; I had a trailer with me that I pulled behind the car. On the trailer were similar packages, very large, which I had carried in before. Inside the hall was a podium, like a semicircle, where many elderly men sat. In the middle there was a woman.

The woman was the spokesperson for the whole party. They looked really wise and everyone was all the time interested in what I was doing. They were like a kind of council. It felt as if they could determine or decide something.

I myself thought it was a little uncomfortable to be naked, but there was nothing I could do about it. I think there were souls that I was carrying, it could hardly be anything else. I’ll see in future.


—– ooOO – OOoo —–


I was in a port.  I went into a cafe to get something to eat and then went and bought something in a small shop. I met a young man with dazzling white teeth; I have never seen teeth so white.

The man said that a large boat that left the port had run aground just offshore. I asked him if it was the boat that was unloaded yesterday and got an affirmative answer.

Maybe something went wrong last night. It is not always easy to get it to come together and work properly. I’ll deal with it tonight.

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“I myself stood perfectly still and said to Chreel that this is a dream, absolutely nothing real.”  













“A very special dream. I dreamed that I was dreaming. It was thus a dream in a dream.”









“I myself thought it was a little uncomfortable to be naked, but there was nothing I could do about it.”