11 Mars 2011: Harvest


Lives are like links in jewelry

I meet Chreel’s soul in a beautiful dream. Then I have to let a combine harvester pass. The harvest has begun.


—– ooOO – OOoo —–


I was a few floors up in a building.  I met a woman of light, her hair was white and blond, shoulder length. I loved her and she felt the same for me. I embraced her and touched her lips with mine, but I never kissed her. It was like she wanted that I would not be with someone else if I was left alone.

I know it is Chreel’s soul I met. It was a very beautiful dream.


—– ooOO – OOoo —–


I was driving a car along the road behind a large bus. There was also another car behind me. The bus drove away. I thought first to let the car behind me overtake me but I changed my mind. It felt like the car behind was with me. A man and a woman sat in it.


—– ooOO – OOoo —–


A woman had long jewelry that hung in front of her. It was at least a meter long and made up of small links. It had probably five or six lengths. The end piece was very beautiful. The length that was furthest out had a silver spoon the bottom.  I asked the woman where it came from, but received no response.

I believe that each link was a life, together it was a lot of lives. I am not clear yet what the silver spoon symbolizes.


—– ooOO – OOoo —–


I was out driving in a car and met a combine harvester on a narrow road. It could not be passed so I had to reverse back. I saw the man high up who was driving it.

The harvest is underway.


—– ooOO – OOoo —–


I was in a small shop. A woman was going to close it down. The business was not going to continue any more.   I picked up some things that I wanted to keep. A white flower pot was standing there and I told the woman that we had had one like that before. I gave her a real big hug.

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“I know it is Chreel’s soul I met. It was a very beautiful dream.”