8 October and 10 November 2011: Friendly souls



But can you manage the forest?

I go to a party and meet nice people, there is a gala performance going to happen soon, but someone wants to know if I can really manage the Earth’s forests.



—– ooOO – OOoo —–


8 October 

I was high up and there was a party going on. There was lots of good food, all kinds of good dishes. There were many people there, including two middle-aged men. These two were some kind of doctors. It seemed like they had a great and unusual job. They were never on call at the same time. When I was there, one of them took off his white coat and the other put his on. The last one was very funny, he said something when he went out and everyone smiled.

A cheerful and uplifting dream.


—– ooOO – OOoo —–


10 November 

A beautiful dream. I saw a boy surrounded by mystery. He did not in the least want to be visible, only work in obscurity. He lived outside in something like a tent.

He got birds, which usually were competitors and rivals, to get along, they preened each other, were kind to each other. The boy gave all the birds and all the animals food, leaving it out in different places.

He also had a mother or older woman nearby. One day, the woman’s daughter came and embraced her. It was probably the woman’s soul; they had found each other again.

I myself stood as a spectator to this wonderful scene. Then, several men approached me, greeting everyone; it seemed as if they knew me. We introduced ourselves and everything was calm and quiet.

Two of them were unusually tall, over two meters, at least. They were very smart with little longer and darker hair than usual. The contact between us was a calm and pleasant.


—– ooOO – OOoo —–


A kind of gala performance at a workplace was just about to take place. The workplace was probably Earth.

A big surprise was coming. I think that I was somehow involved in it, but I do not know how.

A man called me. There were problems with the communication, I had to call back. I had bought a small forest estate. The man wanted to ensure that I could manage it. I told him that I had previously worked in the woods and was very familiar with the work. I think he was satisfied with this. He was otherwise very inquisitive.


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“One day, the woman’s daughter came and embraced her. It was probably the woman’s soul; they had found each other again.”