6 January 2012: Sky


A glass roof with a heavenly view

Two men sit  with me and work hard. My dreams come back, I understand almost all their symbolism.  


—– ooOO – OOoo —–


Another New Year.  I had a thoroughly pleasant evening with my friends on New Year’s Eve. Every day, I walk at least one kilometer, my leg feels good with this, but I cannot do too much or I get pain in the evening. On the whole, the healing is progressing.

I have now gone through the last of Chreels and my writings. It is a herculean task to bring it together, but it gives me joy. Itfeels more or less like a calling. It’s fun to go back and see how things develop.

I dreamed this morning that Chreel and I were in the apartment. There were also two younger men sitting in the living room and working continuously on two screens as large as our computer. They were working very hard.

Then, something went wrong with the electrics, not in the room where the two sat but in the rest of the apartment.

I thought that a fuse had blown, and looked for the aluminum ladder. I did not find it right away, but saw something that looked like a ladder in the hall. I took it but someone said that it is for the recording or the computers.

In the doorway of my room there were lots of ants running here and there. I do not know just now what they symbolize.

I then went into the living room again and said to the two men at the screens, “You might want to take a break in your work.” The two moved away from the screens and lay flat on the floor. They smiled kindly towards me, they had absolutely nothing against me, on the contrary, they seemed to like me.

Where these two some sort of intermediary to the dimension I call reality?

I think they may be those that I sometimes like to thank for helping me. I’m not sure, but almost.

It’s funny that they showed themselves. It gives my work more substance, like something tangible, not merely abstract. There were some problems in the apartment, but no worse than they couldn’t be fixed. It may even be so that when Chreel left the link to reality disappeared, perhaps she was an intermediary, and she is now replaced by these young men. Theories abound, and it does not matter. The main thing it works and I’m sure it does.


—– ooOO – OOoo —–


It’s funny that my dreams are starting to come back. They have been a bit infrequent for some time, there is certainly a reason for this.

I was somewhere where there were many large and small buildings, some of them several stories high.

One of them, a large house, had been bought by a a friend of mine. He had not moved in yet, but he was going to. It was a special house.

Many old things, some antique, were on the ground floor and there were some upstairs too.

The upper floor was very, very special. From there, the owner could look at something amazing through the glass ceiling. It was a sky, with a light that has never been seen by any living being. It felt as if he would live for a while downstairs to eventually move up and come to this wonderful sky.

I was out walking around the other buildings on the site. I went through a big pig sty where it was almost dark. I couldn’t see very well, I avoided going to the pigs’ droppings as best I could. I met many men of whom I knew several. I greeted them and told them that my acquaintance bought a house there. They looked at quiizzically at me, probably thinking, ”what is this? ”

The dream speaks for itself. I cannot do anything about this. I can do a lot of things, but this is above my abilities. The law of Karma applies in all situations. In any case I’ll help out as best I can.


—– ooOO – OOoo —–


I had a long dream in the morning. I was out on the lake, got more fish, even a large pike perch and that fish is not in the lake. There were symbols. It seems that something will come to me.

Then the picture changed, I was on a farm with two houses. A woman livedin the larger house, and I lived in the samller one. There were lots of kids and many young women on the scene.

They would come to my place to eat. The kids were extremely lively, they thrived there. A man was checking something that had to do with the stove or ventilation, this applied to both houses.

Then a man in the truck came with a delivery. I could even order lightbulbs from him, such as those that last almost forever. I thought about how many I should have but this man meant that I did not need so many boxes of them. Then he continued his journey, he had a lot of deliveries before the day was over.

I understand almost everything in the dream. The lights symbolize the light I give during my rounds with everything living morning and evening.


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“Where these two some sort of intermediary to the dimension I call reality?”










“The law of Karma applies in all situation.”  











“Jag var ute på sjön, fick flera fiskar, även en stor gös och den fisken finns inte i sjön. Det var symboler alltihop.”