1 and 28 October 2012: Significance


I cannot see where I came from or where I am 

I dream my hip has healed.   I join a group hiking and end up not being able to see. Amper says I do not see what it is I am doing.


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1 October

I dreamed this morning of being out on a boat with a buddy. I knew it would come.  I saw that the boat was full of water, it was sinking. I said my buddy who sat in the stern: “We’re sinking, take this bucket and bail out the water.”

He did so, and everything was fine again.

We had a special engine for the boat, it was completely quiet. We came to land.

There was a place, not like any other, with many people, it was probably another side of creation. Some of the buildings were decorated with fine works, art objects, completely unprotected. I thought, “how can they hang there like that, they’re not protected?”

A man looked at us a little puzzled; it was as if he wondered where we came from.

There was a group of girls and women there. I put my arm around the shoulders of a girl. It felt as if I somehow belonged there. I said a little quietly, to myself, that everything is nice. I hope nobody took offense at that, I do not think that was the case.

There, everything faded away.


––––– ooOO – OOoo –––––


I was with a large group of people out hiking.  We started from a farm somewhere and walked along the beach by a long arm of a lake. Walking close to me was an elderly man and an elderly woman.

I showed them that I could walk unhindered, even run at full speed. I have not been able to do that for a long time.

We came to a farm close to the beach. The path went right through the house.
Inside, several elderly people sat at a dining table.  

“Bon appétit,” said the elderly man with me as we walked past them.

We came out and continued our journey. The older woman seemed to like me, I kissed her on the cheek.

We came to a stream that was difficult to cross. There were rocks in the stream however, we might be able to step on them.

The older woman said, “We’ll cross over here.”

“But we shouldn’t really go on, because another woman at the back of the group is a kind of leader,” she added

I was walking barefoot the whole time, I seemed to like it.

We left the river behind us, the land sloped steeply upwards, we walked on paths that took you through the woods. The woods were full of ants, even they were using the paths. Some got stuck on my feet and legs and I had to brush them off.
Suddenly, I could not open my eyes, it was completely impossible. It felt as if I could not see from where we came, and where we had arrived.

The dream faded away there.


––––– ooOO – OOoo –––––

28 October

Goran / Jorun:  – I’m shouting out, calling you, seeking you!

Amper (always in italics): – Yes, Jorun, I am with you.

– The last time we talked, was it really you?

– Jorun, another force sometimes comes in, it is difficult then to get a pure contact.

– I had a dream last night, I do not remember it but I know I should contact you.

–Yes, Jorun, it is and was so right.

– Did you see yesterday I bought fishing equipment?

– Yes, Jorun, you have started to prepare in the best way, it’s very good that you are doing so.

– I’m writing the way Chreel and I did in the past, is everything okay?

–Yes, Jorun, times have been good. Your Chreel thinks the same way.

– I am 73 years old now, there’s quite a bit left.

– Yes, Jorun, many years remain, you know this as well.

– Anything more?

–Jorun, you take care of everything in the best way you always have. You just do not understand the significance of what you are doing. I know it does not mean so much to you, but for us and everything that exists it means and immense amount. You will never understand your greatness. It is this that is your greatnes, try to understand this in any case.

– Yes, I will take this in as best I can. It feels better now, much better.

– Jorun you know you are our everything, everything in eternity.

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“Suddenly, I could not open my eyes, it was completely impossible. It felt as if I could not see from where we came, and where we had arrived.”