9 and 20 January 2013: Two Worlds


It strikes me vividly how I live in two worlds

I met an old friend; it made me realize I now live in two worlds. And a dream tells me a new world will be born, but it will be a difficult birth. 


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9 January

I was out in the open somewhere. An event, a dance or life itself was going on.

I met two women I liked. The first was about to go home, which was far away. I thought I might offer her a lift on my bicycle but it was too far. I knew I would meet her again one day.

The other woman lived quite close, so it had to be her. I also know that these two women loved me for who I was.

Yes, it’s not difficult to understand this dream.



––––– ooOO – OOoo –––––


In my dream in the morning I think a woman was with me. I was going to travel somewhere.

All this time, I was carrying a little boy. He was with me the whole trip. I loved this boy with everything I had and I believed in. God help the person who tried to hurt him.


––––– ooOO – OOoo –––––


I was on a bus. The driver’s seat was in the middle of the bus, how that now that could be.

A tired, elderly woman was the driver. She kept falling asleep the whole time. I saw this and said to her that I could drive the rest of the trip. She gave in and we switched places.

There was something special with the seat that controlled the vehicle. I had to pick something up and sit in it. The journey continued.

The woman was old and tired. I thought I recognized her but I’m not sure.


––––– ooOO – OOoo –––––

20 January

Time for the Olympics: I had managed to get there by some means. There were certainly at least a hundred thousand spectators.

I sat in one seat to start with. A woman said something to me, if it was in English or any other language it was difficult to hear. I thought she said something about going home. A man next to me asked if I’d heard what she said. I replied that she said she was going home.  My English isn’t so good these days. The man seemed surprised that I understood what she had said.

A woman asked if I had been in the Far East. I replied that I had. My English was much better then.

I then moved to another seat where the view of the stadium was better.
I told a man sitting next to me where I came from, where I lived. He came from the same place it turned out.

I saw really well from where I sat. There were masses of euphoric people there. 

Many of them had something that looked like a toothpick in their hands. A woman came up to me gave me a handful. I had a whole collection that I somehow rolled in my hands.

Suddenly a small building rose front of me so that the stadium could not be seen. It disappeared after a few moments, visibility was free again.

I wonder if all these people were in real life. Not sure but maybe.


––––– ooOO – OOoo –––––


I visited a man today who helped me with an ice drill. We had not seen each other for almost fifty years. It felt like coming back to a different time. But the thing that most struck me most was how I suddenly have started living in two worlds. I have not previously felt this so strongly. It was as if I came to that realization clearly today.

I even thought I heard a thunderous applause from the other world, the one I call reality. It felt also that something new was coming. I’m not sure but it felt that way. As I said before, many, many times: It will never end.


––––– ooOO – OOoo –––––


I fell asleep this morning. A woman was in labor about to give birth to a child. It seemed like a difficult birth. It looked like I was helping her, I took a knife to get the baby out.

I am not in the least sure of what happened in the dream; I may have misunderstood the dream or vision. But still, it could be that a new world will be born after great effort.


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“But the thing that most struck me most was how I suddenly have started living in two worlds.”  













“It felt also that something new was coming.”













“… it could be that a new world will be born after great effort.”