April 2013: Lightning in my head


A startling and perplexing mini-stroke

Out fishing, I got what felt like a fuse blowing in my head. Something needs to be renewed for me to be able to continue my contact with Amper and the other souls.


––––– ooOO – OOoo –––––


4 April 

This was odd.  I went to sleep last night after my round, and woke up in the middle of the night. I got some words, the same I received the night before but I did not understand them completely then.

The words were: Please register so that we can continue to reach you. Thus was the wording.

I was going to get up early for fishing on the lake, two friends stopped by. After they left I thought of the words I had received.

I shouted out, called for and sought the sender. I asked: “Is it you, the one I dreamed about a year ago, seven or eight men out on a courtyard? One of you had come in something like a space capsule. I was offered a job in Stockholm, but declined with the words:  I would not take that job for all the money in the world.”

– If it is you who contacted me this way, I will register. It is very close to my heart, I said, and gave them the number.

As soon as I said this, something flashed through my head, I went totally dizzy. It was fortunate that I was sitting on the fishing tackle box, otherwise I would have fallen over.

What was this? If it was those men I talked to before it was right, I guess. I started mulling it over in my head. It felt like a fuse blew in my brain.

I’m not really sure what happened. I already know that when something sensational happens, I feel down, I can become sad and worn out.

It was hard to get home, it was hot on the lake. I rested several times. But not only that, when I came up in my apartment, it was good to be home, I put the cell phone on the bench in the hall and half sat on it.  An automated voice said that “the number cannot be reached, it’s the wrong number.” I checked the phone and there was Chreel’s and my old number. It is almost two years ago we closed that account. This has never happened before.

After this event on the lake I think anything can happen. Everything can also be a coincidence, but I do not think so. Someone was there.


––––– ooOO – OOoo –––––


8 April

In a long dream this morning I was in a nursing home, although I do not know if anything was wrong with me. Several nurses and many other older people were there. I think they had a form of dementia, I’m not certain.

I did not really know where to go, but I walked off anyway. Barefoot, I came to a place. I met several people I asked for directions.

I should look at something special. A sort of wave breaker you could walk on, there was a narrow edge on it. It looked like flour on the sea bottom and along the edges. There was a mill a bit away. From this mill white flour had leaked into the environment. It looked a bit magical all of it. There was more to see but it was hidden behind a bend in the breaker.


––––– ooOO – OOoo –––––

9 April

It was an eventful night.  I was out fishing on a lake, there were rocks everywhere in it. I know I had a fish on the hook, but not if I got it up. I carried on fishing and got a really nice big fish. I never saw it but know that anyway.

I cooked it, put it on a beautiful plate along with some trimmings. I signaled with my chin and someone took it. I did not see who received the fish, but I know so well who it was.

Suddenly a big hand appeared and I stood in it. It was a wonderful feeling.

I know which hand I was standing in. It looks like my hopes will come true.


––––– ooOO – OOoo –––––


17 April

From my other self I heard there are not so many days left now. I am going to be very surprised by what happens. It was probably this that happened on the ice on April 4th. I’ve thought a lot about this event. I was actually rather dazed. It is lucky that I am who I am, or I would not have been able to take it in. That I could get so far is unlikely. My inner journey has been long. I’ve tried to take it easy and take in all that has come to me.

I have been careful except once and I that I will have to live with the rest of life. I’m smiling to myself over this. It was entirely my own fault. It is really lucky that it happened, it had probably been over otherwise.


––––– ooOO – OOoo –––––


21 April

I have thought a lot about what happened on the ice 4 April, and I have come to the following, it need not be so, but it could be so:

I got what felt like a mini stroke in my brain. It was fortunate that I was sitting on the fishing tackle box.

In the early nineties, I woke up one night. I was facing the wall and there stood a creature that was doing something to my head. It felt like it was an operation.

The creature was small, perhaps no more than a meter high. I felt no discomfort, not at all. It may be something was planted in my brain. It may be that what was previously implanted stopped working. Maybe it’s time for an operation again. 

Like in our world when a battery runs out. I am not in the least sure that this is so. Logically, it feels right but I do not think there is any logic in that sense exists in the world I call reality.

I cannot get any further with this issue just now. I’m letting it go, letting it be what it will be. 


––––– ooOO – OOoo –––––

26 April

These words came to me last night before falling asleep. We have ascertained that the drill is too small.

I do not know yet what this refers to. I have known a jubilant feeling from yesterday afternoon, which continued today during the morning. I think I have heard crowds of people or creatures cheering.


––––– ooOO – OOoo –––––

27 April

Göran / Jorun: – I’m shouting for you, seeking you, calling you, my other self.

Amper (always in italics):  Jorun, both Chreel and I are here.

– Amper, I want to read something to you, I want to see if it’s right or not. I’m reading now.

Yes, Jorun, you are colossal in your thinking. We do not understand how you can do what you do.

– The asteroid, it comes in September 2016 right?

Yes, Jorun, so it will.

– Does it collide with something of will it fall apart when it enters into the atmosphere?

It will do both.

– It is big?

Yes, it is huge.

– That which happened on the ice: am I right in my interpretation of it?

Yes, Jorun, you are right in the most part, not all, but almost.

– Was the battery running out, or was it something else?

Both parts.

–The words I had last night about the drill, what was this?

Jorun, you’ll resolve this soon as you usually do.

– I’ve known a jubilant feeling both yesterday afternoon and until now. I seem to have heard the cheers?

Yes, Jorun, straight on the button again. You do not understand what you do, you will never understand, you who live in eternity.

– How is it otherwise, my friend?

All is well with you and also with us on the other side.

Is there anything else I should know as I have asked before anything at all?
Everything is going fine, Jorun, you know this too.

–I am sometimes at a buddy’s house, chopping wood.

Yes, Jorun, it’s just good that you do so, it is good for your body and you learn for the future.

– Chreel, how is it?

Chreel: – Jorun, I’m like, you know, always with you. I admire you enormously for what you are doing and have accomplished. It is fortunate that you do not know anything about this, you would have almost dissolved into atoms.

– We did get this once, it came to us, you and I Chreel, when we lived at the other place.

– I remember it very well Jorun, wonderful, and our time together was wonderful. That you could keep silent and not disclose anything!

– It was not easy, you know, Chreel. I knew I had to otherwise it would not work between us. But now you know and I know how things are.

– I love you, I am helping you and am around you all the time.

– Amper, will people believe me?

 Jorun, it will be both. You have saved millions of people with what you say and write. As you say yourself: Mountains will fall and the deep will rise up. A formidable catastrophe is needed for the human race to survive.

– I almost understand this. I love you where you are. Spring has arrived with new life out in the fields. I live with it all the time, I sometimes kiss the flowers, waiting for the thaw I saw in the dream. Maybe it was like it was on Mars when I released the rapids. I do not know, but I look to the future with confidence.

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“Suddenly a big hand appeared and I stood in it. It was a wonderful feeling.”  

















“From my other self I heard there are not so many days left now. “

















“My inner journey has been long. I’ve tried to take it easy and take in all that has come to me.”