March and April 2014: Lost


People are lost on an island on the other side

On the other side I meet the lost victims of a plane crash. I start to make foundations, like we will have to start all over from scratch.


––––– ooOO – OOoo –––––


8 March

I did my rounds this morning and finished around six o’clock when I went back to sleep.  A woman, a child and I were on an outing. We left the car and walked through a forest.   We came to water with an island a short distance away. A rowing boat was on the beach, there was water in the boat, which I scooped out. The child got in and somehow more water got in the boat. I grabbed it, it weighed nothing, so I turned it.

I knew then that I was on the other side.  There was a smaller house by the beach.  There were many people following the path, both adults and children. They seemed a bit lost.

I told the woman and the child I had with me that I would go back to the car to see if I had locked it. 

Along the trail I met a lot of people who were going to the cottage where the boat was. I came up to where I had left the car, but could not find it. I started to return to the beach and that is where the dream faded away.

I saw on television a plane had crashed into the sea off Vietnam. There were many on board. It was probably these misguided people who were on their way to the island in the water. Hence my involvement in it. 


––––– ooOO – OOoo –––––

15 April

I was with a man. We were going to fix something. We were casting in concrete, a pillar or a floor. I had a concrete mixer. The point was, I would mix the concrete and the other would pour it into the mould. There was a little confusion as to whether I should mix the concrete a bit away or if I should mix it close to where it was going to be poured

There was a house a short distance away where a couple lived, I recognized them.

There was much more that happened, but I forget. It is not easy to remember everything that occurs in a dream. It was also something about how we are starting from scratch.


––––– ooOO – OOoo –––––


20 April

I saw myself in the dream coming from high above, from the sky down to a farm. I fetched a man, and took him up into the sky. I also got an idea when this will happen. Everything was by all means very clear.


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“I knew then that I was on the other side.”  






“I saw myself in the dream coming from high above, from the sky down to a farm. I fetched a man, and took him up into the sky.”