June and July 2014: Tilting



The Earth will remain after tilting 

I dream of a house that tips over. It is the Earth. No-one will be able to do anything about it. 


––––– ooOO – OOoo –––––


14 June

In a dream I met a woman where I live now. The woman had a wardrobe that she wanted taking home.

I grabbed it and carried it up to her door. She lived a few floors up. I grabbed the bottom of the wardrobe and carried it to her apartment. Another woman wondered how I managed it, and if I was strong enough.  But everything went well.

When we got into the apartment I lay on the bed and told the woman that she would come to me.

Yes, the wardrobe was empty. The woman had no baggage. I understand so well that she had nothing. It was even several floors up, it felt like a higher dimension.


––––– ooOO – OOoo –––––

21 June

I was in a dream in a one-storey building in a different dimension.

There were several others there. I do not really know what I did, I sat down in a doorway. A young woman arrived and she had to step over me to get in.

I drove my little white car across the lawns leaving tire tracks in them. I was half dressed, I believe I only had underwear on.

I saw a fire truck and police car. They were looking wondering what had happened.

With a chain saw I cut a wire that was securing a large house on the site. The wire broke and the house fell over. It tipped sharply but still remained intact.

Yes, of course, this is on the other side. I had the car with me which I later could not find. The house that tipped is our planet where the axis moves several degrees.

As I have said, mountains fall and the deep rises up. The fire trucks and the police cars could not do much. Everything was changed.


––––– ooOO – OOoo –––––


21 June

Jorun/Göran: – Shouting out, seeking and calling you,  my other self.

Amper (always italics):– We are both here.

– My friend, what have I done? The dream this morning, what was it?

Yes, Jorun, first, things are fine with you. You have interpreted the dream yourself. You leave marks behind you with us in this dimension. You cannot understand the power you have. This has never been, and remember that it is the power of love you possess. 

– My friend, the house I let tip or fall, it is the disaster that takes place in September 2016?

Yes, you are thinking right. It is only you who can interpret dreams so.

– My friend, the ice floe in the fjord with the people on it, the one that broke off from land, do I understand this right?

Yes, you are totally correct in all parts.

– Am I creating confusion and problems in the other frequency?

No, now that we know who you are and have always known, there is no danger. We have so many times protected ourselves from evil things and thoughts. We never thought that what you have shown us would happen.

– Did you want to show me, did you want contact?

Yes, Jorun, that was the only way.

– My friend, it really is as it should be and is it going as it was thought?

Yes, do not worry. You are there everything, will go well and as it has been said several times, everything has manifested to the slightest detail. 

– It’s good to hear these words, I’m wondering sometimes a bit about these things.

You sometimes need to talk to me to calm down. I had to do something drastic to make contact with you. This was a long conversation; it’s been good for you in your isolation.  Do not let it go so long next time. 


––––– ooOO – OOoo –––––

4 July

There were four of us who were going to rob a bank. I didn’t feel so positive about it, but was in any case going to go through with it. The bank was near the police station where many policemen were accommodated.  I saw them and realized they could read our thoughts, all four of us. We were very involved in trying to organize this robbery. I do not really know how it all turned out.

This has probably to do with the book. It feels like I’m getting help from those who are close to me. I hope many people understand it, especially the end of the book with the nine musicians.


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“It was even several floors up, it felt like a higher dimension.”  














“The house that tipped is our planet where the axis moves several degrees.”