The messages started in the mid-90s

Göran Hägglund lives in a small town in the Swedish countryside. You could call him a medium or a messenger, because he conveys a message to us living on earth now from other dimensions. In the mid-1990s, he was called to take on a mission that was of utmost importance for the survival of humanity.
Goran started to dream vividly, and came in contact with Amper, his higher self in another dimension, the dimension that he calls “reality”.

“Humanity will face challenges

on an  unimaginable scale.”

Bit by bit Göran started to understand that humanity will face challenges on an  unimaginable scale.  The messages came to him in dreams, and in his diary entries we follow his journey to understand these messages. We also hear the dialogues with Amper and Ona.  Ona is his life-companion, Chreel’s, higher self.
Everything is one. Everything is part of everything else. Everything fits together.  You could say that Amper, Ona, Jorun – which is the name Göran is called in his writings, and Chreel are different manifestations of the same energy that you and I as readers are part of.
In the mornings and evenings Goran performs “walks”, as he calls them,  on another mission for humanity. Göran helps all living beings – humans, animals and plants – who have left life in this dimension into the light on the other side.
Goran kept a diary over the years  of his dreams, the messages he received, the contacts he had with the other realities and the reflections  they gave rise to. He recorded his experiences with the other dimensions and the experiences from his walks.
These diary entries represent fragments that come together to form a picture of the coming events.

“However you view Göran’s diary,

it is surely touches on

things that bear deep reflection.”

These events are the basis of the message this text conveys. We all know that we are all going to die someday. But what if mankind, the human project, was facing an early end? However long we have left, what if we could find true peace and contentment? What if we could do something to increase our chances, as individuals and members of the human race, to survive? What if we call upon those benign, unseen energies for help? This is what Göran did. His chronicles tells us what happened.
The entire text is written in the form of a diary. It is published in stages, a little bit each day until all of the text is laid out.  You can also read only the parts of the text that contains dialogues or message from Amper, they are in the section “Amper says” . The manifesto is a summary of Amper’s message.
Follow the story: start here, read the manifesto here, or read what Amper says here.