Göran Hägglund

“Read with an open mind”

If you’re about to read this, leave reason behind you.  Unless you do, you’ll reap little or no benefit from what is written here.

There is no logic in what I call reality, none at all. There is a “worldaround us we neither see nor hear. This, for us invisible world is for me reality.

Let me introduce the characters you will meet as you read the diaries.  I am the author, called Jorun in the diary. My second higher self called Amper. My partner is called Chreel and in the other world, the reality, she is called Ona. Nanthes is our son from former lives.

There are other beings that appear. I call them Gali and Amrice.  As far as I know they help me and Chreel as much as they can.

Sometimes it snows heavily. Snow symbolizes love. A car figures in many situations. For the most part, the car represents the path I am walking on.

The “walks” I’m talking about, is what I do every morning and evening. These walks are to help  people and all living creatures.

Göran Hägglund
Norberg, January 2016